Tampilan Situs Terkenal Dalam Protes SOPA/PIPA

1. Google

[imagetag] Google

2. Wikipedia (English site)

[imagetag] Wikipedia (English site)

3. Electronic Freedom Foundation

[imagetag] Electronic Freedom Foundation

4. Craigslist (New York site)

[imagetag] Craigslist (New York site)

5. The Pirate Bay

[imagetag] The Pirate Bay

6. BitTorrent

[imagetag] BitTorrent
Nothing to see here...

7. Napster

[imagetag] Napster
Try it free!

8. LimeWire

[imagetag] LimeWire


Admin [Ladang-Hijau] 21 Jan, 2012

Sparks 21 Jan, 2012

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